This poster series was created in the Fall of 2017 for my Typography studio. The final poster series is based around the concept of visually communicating sound. For Mary Lou Williams, I created a radial composition to communicate gospel jazz because this was her main focus throughout her career. In Charlie Bird Parker's composition I created a horizontal piece to communicate upbeat, be-bop jazz which was what he is known for. Jelly Roll Morton focused largely on smooth jazz throughout his career so I created a rippled composition.





Phase 1 of my process included experimenting with type physically to gain inspiration and explore different ways to display type. I printed out keywords that were going to be used within my series and manipulated them in a multitude of different ways. Some techniques that I used included cutting the material, placing it on mirrors, scanning it, positioning it within glass, etc. 


hand sketches

The next phase in this process included hand sketching a few initial concepts. 


digital iterations

After conceptualizing, I narrowed my focus into 2-3 of the concepts and began to build them digitally.