environmental design.

While working at Jack Rouse Associates, an experiential design firm in downtown Cincinnati, I was able to contribute to a wide range of projects.

**Due to confidentiality agreements between JRA and their clients I am unable to disclose the name and location of some projects.**



This exhibit is still under development, it is a children's athletic center within a larger complex that includes a large play arena for families.

I contributed to this project by creating graphics for the toddler play pen, "Tots Bullpen", main arena activities, and the entrance. 



Daytona Lagoon is a waterpark was seeking an update that would position them to appeal to younger families. In the concept phase I created a range of possible signage updates for them to implement along with the architectural updates. 



This space is located within a large athletic complex, the clients were looking to develop a space that would provide information about their non-profit organization that helps athletes on their spiritual path. I contributed to this project by conceptualizing mural graphics and interactive graphics to be included in the presentation document that I also composed to communicate our proposal effectively.