While working at Jack Rouse Associates, an experiential design firm in downtown Cincinnati, I learned a large amount about this field of design. I was able to contribute to several of their projects, a few of these are outlined below. 

**Due to confidentiality agreements between JRA and their clients I am unable to disclose the name and location of some projects.**

Unfortunately I am not able to show all of the projects that I worked on during my internship. For projects not listed I completed style guide packages, architectural drawings, and helped with any presentation materials that were needed. Style guide packages included determining typefaces, size, word count, overall layout, and many other considerations for all of the graphics that will be displayed in the museum or exhibit. 



This is an exhibit that is still currently being developed, it is a children's athletic center that includes mainly a large play arena with different activities.

I contributed to this project by creating graphics for the toddler play pen, "Tots Bullpen", as well as graphics for the main arena and locker room. 




Daytona Lagoon is a waterpark that is looking to be more appealing to tourists. I helped with this task by re-designing their identity signage, operational signage, insurance signage, and wayfinding signage. 




This is a small space located in a large arena, the clients are looking to create a space that provides information about their organization that helps athletes on their spiritual path. I contributed to this project by creating the mural graphics and the interactive graphics for conceptual presentation. I also composed the layout for all presentation books used in meetings as well as donor presentations.