Downtown Tiffin, Ohio is being revitalized and is on the rise. They hosted an event at the end of September to draw people into the city and raise awareness of all that Downtown has to offer. I developed an identity for this event focused around a playful fall aesthetic. When creating other collateral my main focus was to keep a consistent visual language throughout the different components.


Chocolate walk

Similar to the Pumpkin Stroll, the purpose of this event is to promote the businesses that Downtown Tiffin has recently added. This event is held in the Spring and includes a different set of businesses. Approaching this project, I aimed to create a cohesive set of materials that informed the community. While creating this I maintained the balance between an informative and aesthetic composition.


firefly walk

This set is a work in progress. With a similar mission of raising awareness for Downtown Tiffin, the Firefly Walk is looking to end summer on a good note with some community pride. So far, I have proposed the logo as seen to the right to determine the aesthetic for the upcoming collateral production. Upon approval I will move forward with the development of other materials.