law firm branding.

I was approached by DeBacco Law, a firm headquartered in Port Clinton, Ohio, to independently design for them. The client was looking to improve their online appearance. While keeping this goal in mind, we determined that it would be most effective to define their identity and redesign their outdated website. The goals throughout project were to design an effective logo, establish a visual language, define the necessary content to be shared, revamp the website, and optimize the site for maximum traffic. 

Currently, I provide monthly analytics as well as continued search engine optimization. The next step I will be taking with DeBacco Law is to create a promotional motion graphic for them as well as a brand standards package. 

The document below is the identity proposal that was presented to the client; enclosed is the final logo,  refinement iterations, typeface decisions, color theory, and division of space. 


Hand sketches, digital sketches, initial concepts, and refinement. At this stage of design I explored a wide range of visual languages and concepts.

website redesign 

The images below are screenshots from the original website that we worked to improve. Below is a link to the new and improved design.